Your franchise journey will take you through a number of different phases in your growth cycle.

billmar-franchising_09.pngEarly years – At this point you will have a small number of franchisees in the early stages of their business requiring hands on support from you. You will also be recruiting new franchisees and continuing to run and manage you core business. At Billmar we have support services available to help spread the load and ensure you manage to keep all the balls in the air while you grow your business.

Mid – sized franchise – It is important that you continue to motivate your franchisees and create a community spirit throughout the network. We have proven initiatives that can help you with this.

Established Franchise – As your franchise network becomes more established you may want to implement new strategies to make sure each franchisee is performing to the best of their ability. The more they earn the more you earn too. We can offer support using our performance improvement /enhancement models to help you manage your franchise network through the different stages of its development and at the same time develop strong and sustainable relationships with your franchisees.

Why Franchisehow to franchise


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