Billmar Business Planning

Preparing a business plan can be daunting and many business owners just have it “in their head” but not on paper. However having a properly developed and executed plan can make the difference between success and failure. It puts you in control of your business – no more “headless chicken” days! – with the added benefit of reducing stress. Our Business Planning process is designed to give you that control by providing clarity and vision. You will know where you are going and more importantly how you are going to get there.

business planning services

At Billmar we recognise there are a number of reasons that might trigger a business or charity to develop business plans. Our bespoke planning models have been developed to make sure our clients receive a plan that is relevant and fit for purpose. We have tools that can be used to drive the direction and success of your business. We do not use “off the shelf” templates. We write in a language that is relevant and appropriate for your business and we stay with you through the implementation process. So whether you need help to write the plan, review an existing plan or implement your plan we would welcome the opportunity to have a chat with you over a coffee to discuss how and if we can help. Our Clients Business Plans Do Not Live In A Drawer!


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