Cont….Too busy to waste time writing business plans – you know what you need to do – right?

So last week I asked you to think about your business as if we were a full year on and you have had your best trading year ever!   (need a reminder – read it here)

How did you get on? If you wrote it down, dig out the notepad and revisit them. So how do you turn this into reality? What do you do next to make 2013 different and your best year ever?

Get Real! Get a planning system that works for you.

A Good Plan Should Ensure You:

  • Use all resources effectively & efficiently
  • Generate maximum profits available

It should be:

  • A living thing- part of your everyday life
  • A tool to help & direct
  • Written in language & style that works for YOU
  • A regular check point
  • Realistic, stretching but do-able

If you want 2013 to have a different/better outcome than 2012 then you need to do something different. For many business owners that means developing and USING their business plan throughout the year.

Planning x Execution = Success

If you want help to get started visit our 6 point planning for success tool. 

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